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    • Amy Biehl didn’t live a long life, but she gave everything she had to promote racial justice. The connections she made have transformed into something deeper than justice: reconciliation. As a...
    • We all know the feeling: You’re watching TV or reading a book only to discover some real-life story of an extraordinary young person who has achieved more than you could ever dream to. Whether it’s a...
    • How much does it cost to travel the world? Many people have asked me how I had the resources to quit my job to travel solo for more than a year at age 26. As with anything, it depends where you go...
  • Catholic Link

    • 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time This week we talk about the prophecy of Isaiah that can be looked at in... The post Humility in Teamwork | Liturgy Live appeared first on Catholic Link.
    • Pope Francis has chosen the promotion of world peace as his intention for January 2020 saying, “In a divided and... The post 4 Ways to Promote Peace In Your Everyday Life | The Pope’s Intention...
    • This week on the Podcast we talk about the prophecy of the baptism and the fulfilment in Christ. We really... The post Liturgy Live | Baptism of the Lord appeared first on Catholic Link.