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  • New Mass times

    Starting November 1, 2020

    4:30 p.m
    8:30 a.m.
    11:30 a.m.

         The dispensation from attending Mass is scheduled to conclude on November 23rd and the number of people attending Mass in person on Sunday mornings is reaching current COVID -19 guideline capacity. 
    ur Sunday morning Mass schedule for twp Masses will now need to be adjusted to accommodate the necessary cleaning and sanitizing between liturgies.
    It takes about 90 minutes to clear the Church after Mass, sanitize all public areas, including the Church, the Gathering Space, the restrooms, tables, door frames and handles and any surface that might have been touched and then allow time for those areas to dry.
         The new Mass times also
     offers sufficient time for Sunday Faith Formation sessions for both students and interested adults.
         Please mark your calendars, tell all your neighbors, family and friends, adjust your clocks and schedules accordingly.

         Daylight Saving Time also ends that weekend (fall back one hour)!

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